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Assistant Director/Teacher Aide

Saipan, CNMI

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

AP Group is hiring for our affi liate company, DreamPlay LLC, a daycare and learning kids
center located in Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands.
We are looking for well-presented individuals to fill the position of an Assistant Director &
Teacher Aide at DreamPlay. The Assistant Director & Teacher Aide will be responsible for
assisting the Director in the day to day business operations and supervision of a licensed
child care center for children, assisting with maintaining all child and employee safety,
health and security standards. The Assistant Director & Teacher Aide will support the
Director in delivering profitable results, and help students stimulate social, cognitive,
physical and emotional awareness in a positive and professional manner at all times
The Assistant Director & Teacher Aide is responsible for helping students learn and
understand new concepts and complete assignments. They prepare by studying lesson plans,
reviewing textbooks in detail to understand the topic they will be teaching and providing
additional projects if needed during a session. Ultimately, you will work directly with
students to assist them in gaining a better understanding of concepts taught in the
classroom. The Assistant Director & Teacher Aide may also communicate with teachers or
parents to track progress.


Job duties and responsibilities:

Conduct tours within DreamPlay center and consult with prospective families to

promote the values, culture and goals of Dreamplay

● Reports to the Director any staffi ng issues, client issues and damaged materials

● Alongside the Director, assists in overseeing the center's operations. Helps welcome

and train new staff

● Ensure staff are following company policies, assists the Director in the management

of the Environmental, Health, and Safety programs

● Oversees and conducts administrative tasks such as: classroom sign in/out daily

sheets, sales reports, etc.

● Confirm that all classrooms have a weekly lesson plan and sign off on them

● Informs Director of required supplies to promote an effi cient and organized work and learning environment

● Acts as a role model for staff by following and supporting company policies, dressing

professionally, and be accountable to their work schedule

● Maintain a productive, positive, dynamic and engaging working environment, and openly welcome employee feedback and ideas. Encourage peer collaboration

● Maintain records and files, carry out all point of sale transactions including sales deposits to the company bank account.

● Has strong verbal communication skills.

● Adhering to grooming and appearance standards consistently.

● Ability to work independently and as a member of the team.

● Ability to deal eff ectively with diverse groups of individuals. Contribute to student learning, growth and advancement

● Commitment to professionalism and high standards

Performing basic cleaning duties as needed within the business.

● Maintain a growth mindset toward student learning and teaching practice

● Collaborate eff ectively with parents and the organization to increase student performance

● Reviewing classroom or curricular topics and assignments

● Assisting students with homework and other academic tasks

● Working with students to help them understand key concepts, especially those learned in the classroom

● Teaching skills to improve academic performance, including study strategies, note-taking skills and approaches to answering test questions

● Demonstrating academic best practices for specific subjects and assignments

● Follow and comply with all established policies and procedures.

This job posting is intended to describe the general requirements for the performance of this job. It is not a complete statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.

Other duties not listed here may be assigned by management.

● Other related duties assigned.

Job Application Requirements:

Send info to

○ Filled and signed application

○ Most recent Resume

○ Police and/or Court Clearance

○ Valid Driver’s License

About the Company

Founded by the AP Group, with Perry Inos and Michael Sheu, and Directed by an experienced and passionate educator, Anastasiia Inos. DreamPlay brings together a wealth of expertise in education and child development. Our mission is to empower children to learn, play, and grow, nurturing their individual talents and fostering a lifelong love for learning.

At DreamPlay, we understand the importance of a well-rounded education that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. That's why we have partnered with Anastasiia Inos, an experienced educator known for her passion and dedication to child-centered learning. With her guidance, our programs are carefully designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, promote creativity, and instill essential life skills in children.

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