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NF-Xpress aims to establish itself as an all-in-one facility that offers mailing,
printing, and remittance services.


Our company is an improved postal service center that offers not only mailbox rentals but also provides postal, printing, notarizing and remittance services to modernize the livelihood of our society.


We have been working hard to provide an innovative and more efficient way to handle postal needs yet due to economic restraints and budget limits we’re hoping to provide the CNMI the possibility to modernize and improve its citizen’s technical skills.

Post Office
1) QR-Code/Smart lockers (Coming Soon)
2) Foreign Exchange Machines (Coming Soon)

1) Virtual Mail Software to allow mail recipients to receive their mail scanned,
delivered, or destroyed. (OPEN NOW)

2) Xpress mobile app that allows customers to track, receive, and be notified of
their same day delivery request. (Coming Soon)

Printing (Coming Soon)
1) Large color printers
2) Garment printer
3) Multifunctional & large format printer
4) 3 Dimensional printers

Remittance (Coming Soon)
1) MPay will be used as the software that remits funds internationally digitally


1) Money Transfer Kiosk
2) Foreign Exchange Kiosk

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