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AP Energy is a locally established company aimed at providing residents an option for energy independence or savings.

AP Energy targets homeowners with power requirements ranging from up to 3 or 6 kwH. We assist homeowners and businesses with determining their load calculations and power usage with a consultation, and then a recommendation for a recommended system size and installation based on their energy and building requirements. 


AP Energy is an establishment that will help the residents of the CNMI with their power bills. Our goal is to establish a company that distributes and installs on-site energy solutions that are NOT not metering back into the grid. We offer solutions ranging from 3, 6, and 10 kwH systems at a tiered pricing structure. Customers can either opt to purchase outright or finance with the bank.

Solar Panels

Listing of products/services offerings

  • Solar panel complete package - panels, inverter, battery, installation, etc

  • Solar panel repair & maintenance

  • Solar panel cleaning

  • Solar panel troubleshooting

  • Renewable energy consultation

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