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AP Group | Business Analyst

Saipan, CNMI

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About the Role

We are looking for a dynamic and passionate team member with the analytical bent of
mind and effective communication skills to analyze and understand technical aspects
of software development projects. The candidate shall be responsible for performing
feasibility studies, eliciting project requirements, proactively communicating with
clients, and drafting proposals with detailed deliverables. The elaborate role of a
Business Analyst is to identify opportunities within the business sector, research
vendors for sole-source or competitive pricing, and perform general clerical duties.


● Sourcing materials, goods, products, and services and negotiating the best or

most cost-effective contracts and deals.

● Updating and maintaining records of all orders, payments, and received goods.

● Follow and comply with all established policies and procedures.

● Effective verbal, written, and communication skills.

● Demonstrated ability to perform analysis and work well within a team.

● Proven ability to work independently and exercise sound judgment.

● Detail oriented with strong organizational, process improvement, and problem solving skills.

● Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with various levels of management.

● Proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (MS Office)

● Understanding technical designs as well as specifications of projects.

● Create visual diagrams including flow charts, data diagrams, system designs and similar technical representations.

● Prepare technical documentation for the project solutions

● Prepare design specifications documentation.

● Assist with initiatives and program tasks ensuring assigned audit planning,

data gathering, analysis and testing tasks are accomplished in the timeframe established.

● Maintain a good understanding of business models and risks.

● Offer value-added recommendations to supervisors on internal controls.

● Assist in maintaining overall quality and client satisfaction, and provides feedback on work products.

● Report progress of assigned audit or program work and seek input from the Manager and Director.

● Develop expertise of the business environment and industry practices, internal

audit professional practices and specific business decisions.

● Project sourcing and logistics coordination

● Coordinating with fellow colleagues of project deliverables and project tasks assigned

● Prepare Project proposals and attend project meetings.

● Project Reporting and progress updates to respective Managers or Executives

● Project financial projections and modeling

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AP Group

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