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AP Group | IT Project Manager

Saipan, CNMI

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About the Role

AP Group LLC is looking for a versatile and passionate Information Technology Analyst and Project Manager with effective technical skills to define, analyze, and improve our information technology systems within the company’s various software development projects. This position shall be responsible for determining project requirements, developing innovative integrated software solutions, and implementing effective information technology solutions aligned with congruent business operations. Additionally, this position will be requested to maintain communication with clients by providing regular customer support, to work directly with other team members to assist them in projects and related tasks, to frequently report to management and to perform general clerical duties.


Job Duties and Responsibilities:

This section is intended to provide a general job description and is not a complete statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements. Other duties not listed here may be assigned by management. The hired candidate will be required to:

● Analyze project requirements and identify risks, assumptions, & constraints that impact business processes.

● Analyze and improve the performance of web-based customer portals and customer support services.

● Analyze existing systems, identify problem areas, and recommend process ortechnology solutions

● Perform system analysis on software programs, web services, & applications.

● Assist with project initiatives, provide feedback on work products, and maintain overall quality and client satisfaction.

● Collaborate with fellow colleagues on project tasks assigned and timely project deliverables.

● Coordinate materials sourcing and project logistics with team members.

● Create visual diagrams including flow charts, data diagrams, system designs, and similar technical representations.

● Develop expertise of the business environment and industry practices, internal audit professional practices and specific business decisions.

● Determine system efficiency and functionality by liaising with internal

departments and end-users.

● Efficiently integrate new systems, programs, and applications with business operations and services.

● Elaborate any stated project requirements into adequate detail that clearly

defines the business needs within the specified scope of work.

● Ensure end-user proficiency with new systems, programs, and applications across departments.

● Ensure program tasks are aligned with assigned audit planning and data gathering and that task testing and analysis are accomplished in the timeframe established.

● Ensure that computer hardware remains compatible with system enhancements/updates, ensure compliance with I.T. industry regulations, and monitor product license expiration dates and software updates.

● Follow and comply with all established company policies and procedures.

● Troubleshoot any hardware and software issues.

● Prepare technical documentation & design specifications documentation for

project solutions.

● Prepare project proposals and project progress reports for delivery to respective Managers or Executives and scheduled project meetings.

● Promote system effciency and security by integrating performance metrics and encryption.

● Report progress of assigned audit or program work, seek input from respective Manager and/or Director, and obtain approval for system development projects.

● Work with various stakeholders and 3rd-party service providers to ensure participation and representation for all I.T. projects.

● Perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications & Skills:

● Detail oriented with strong organizational, problem-solving, and

time-management skills.

● Demonstrated ability to understand technical aspects of a given project, to

include but not limited to, technical project specifications and designs.

● Demonstrated ability to perform analysis and exercise sound judgment.

● Demonstrated ability to work independently and also as part of a dynamic team within a fast-paced environment.

● Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with various management levels.

● Demonstrated ability to multitask projects, roles, and responsibilities.

● Worked and collaborated with client stakeholders and major project sponsors.

● Create Project Status Reports for management and Senior Leadership of organizations.

● Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.

● Ability to lead project teams to deliver software products.

● Experience following and/or writing Standard Operating Procedures.

● Passionate to learn and explore technology solutions.

● Possesses general knowledge of the business sector, business models and risks, and how business-related processes work.

● Previous experience in once administration.

● Primarily English-Speaking candidate.

● Proficiency in general clerical tasks (e.g. note-taking, documents-filing,

answering phones, etc.)

● Proficiency/Strong experience with Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc.) or

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.).

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